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I don’t think Homura actually loves Madoka. Maybe in the first timelines but after living through month after month with a Madoka, but not her Madoka, she’s dehumanized Madoka. Her obsessive behavior for Madoka stems from entitlement. She feels she deserves her because she gave up everything for her. Homura loves Madoka, the concept, not Madoka, the human being.

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I was pretty sure that was the idea. 

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Nick: That's a nice show you got there.
Nick: Be a shame if something were to...happen to it.
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2012spark 曲绘 by 深草

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This was just tweeted by Bruce Wright, a special effect artist on Big Hero 6. Can we please for once not spoil the entire movie on Tumblr to get the reputation ‘Tumblr trolls’ can we please NOT post any Big Hero 6 illustrations in the Big Hero 6 tag  and spoil people who do not want to be spoiled? 

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I’m 3 chapters in Professor Layton and my brain wants to melt.

I’m picking up Professor Layton and The Curious Village in preparation for Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright!

I hope I like it…


One of the best Gambito cosplay I’ve ever seen by Nadyasonika. Photo by Photographes Sans Frontieres.